Passing away without a valid Will is known as ‘dying intestate' in legal speak. When a person dies intestate, the law determines where their assets go depending on which state they live in. 

Intestacy is a complicated and stressful procedure, and may require your family to go to court to sort out how your assets are distributed. If you have a bank account, super account, or anything that requires you to verify your identity to access, your family will probably have to go to court to get access to these assets. On top of the stress and hassle, this process can also be really expensive (even when you do not have a complex estate).

Thankfully, intestacy is a really easy situation to avoid. With Safewill you can write your own bespoke Will in under 30 minutes, and for less than $200. Once complete, you can rest easy knowing you have secured your family's future and saved them a heap of additional stress.

To learn more about the consequences of dying without a Will, click here.

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