We created Safewill to provide Australians with a smarter way to write their Wills. Instead of buying a Will kit from the post office, or spending thousands of dollars and hours of your time with a lawyer, our intelligent digital platform offers a simple, affordable and user-friendly way to create a bespoke Will.

Wills are too important to be difficult and stressful documents to write. Our platform was designed with the user at its core - we use modern design and technology to make the will-writing process as smooth, stress-free and affordable as possible, without sacrificing the peace of mind you get with the end product. Our Will documents were created in collaboration with one of Australia's largest and most-trusted law firms, and our in-house legal team regularly updates our Wills with the current legal requirements. On top of this, our dedicated Wills team reviews every Will before they are finalised to make sure everything is in order. 

Throughout the entire process Safewill's support team is available to help with whatever questions you might have, and our smart questionnaire provides useful tips and guidance along the way to make Will-writing a breeze. Once you're all done, we will send you your PDF Will to print, sign and store. With our subscription service you can log back into your account and update your Will at any time, and receive an updated Will free of charge. 

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