A Will is important for every Australian adult, regardless of how much you own. Writing your Will is the only way to control the process after you pass away, and takes away a lot of unnecessary stress during what is already a very difficult time for your loved ones.  

Without a Will, the law determines how your assets are distributed depending on which state you live in. To be appointed as executor and get access to your estate, your family will probably need to go to Court to get what is known as a Grant of Probate - without this, they wont be able to access what you've left behind (such as bank accounts, super, or other property). Whether you have $500 or $500,000 in the bank, this process becomes substantially more complicated and costly for your family. It is also simple to avoid - you just need to write a valid Will. 

If you have kids, pets, or even just a bank account, writing your Will is the only way to secure the future of those you love if you were to pass away unexpectedly. 

To find out more about the consequences of dying without a will, click here.  

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