That's great – you're already doing better than 50% of Australians out there! However, our legal advisers have suggested that in order to keep your Will valid and enforceable, you need to make sure it's always up-to-date with your current circumstances and the most recent legal requirements.

With the old Will-writing methods, making changes to your Will becomes complicated and expensive even for the smallest updates. Will kits need to be thrown out and repurchased with every minor change and can't be easily updated to reflect current law. Wills drafted by lawyers will cause a hefty fee and another lengthy appointment every time a change in your circumstances requires redrafting.

Safewill's subscription service allows you to update your Will instantly, whenever something changes or you want to make an update. On top of this, if there are any changes to the law, our legal advisers will notify you of any changes. That way no matter how your circumstances may change going forward, your future and legacy are always secure.

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