Keeping your Will up to date with changing circumstances is really important – in fact, certain changes in your personal circumstances can even cause an existing Will to become invalid (for example, marriage or divorce). 

Safewill's subscription service allows you to make an unlimited number of changes to your Will to keep it up to date with your current situation, and receive a new Will free of charge every time. Every time you make a new Will, it is reviewed by our legal advisers, and a new PDF copy is sent to you - entirely free of charge. On top of this, our legal team makes sure that any changes in law are reflected in your Will. When this occurs, we will either send you an updated version of your Will to execute, or notify you that you need to address a new legal requirement. 

To rest easy knowing your Will is valid and up to date, make sure you have included the Safewill subscription service as part of your Safewill package.

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