"I've been meaning to write one of those for ages!" We get this all the time. Most Australian adults know that they need a Will, however less than 50% of us have actually taken the time to do it.

There are so many excuses for not writing a Will - it's not especially pleasant to think about, and there's just so much else going on that it falls to the bottom of the list. The main reason for not writing one though, is that it's normally such a lengthy and costly process that it puts you off. 

Thankfully, this is all changing. You no longer need to save up for months to cover the cost of your Will, or take a full day off work to sit with a lawyer and write it out. 

Safewill is a smart digital Will-writing tool that helps you secure your estate in three simple steps: create, print, sign. It's more efficient, affordable and easy-to-use than any other Will-writing method available. We have worked at length with one of Australia's top law firms to write our Wills so that the cost is borne by us, not you, while maintaining the premium enforceability and quality of the document. On top of this, our support team is available throughout the process to lend support for any technical questions you may have.

For the first time, you can access top estate planning services, when and where you want, without the hefty price tag. 

Some additional benefits that Safewill has over other Will-writing options are:

  1. Save hours of your time – our Wills take less than 30 minutes to finalise.
  2. Enjoy unlimited updates to your Will with a Safewill subscription.
  3. Write a Will when and where it suits you, rather than where suits your lawyer. Whether it's from the comfort of your couch, a local coffee shop, or at work (don't worry, we won't tell), you can write your Will whenever works for you.
  4. Access your Will document whenever you need (you can never lose it!).
  5. Access live support while writing your Will from our team - we'll be there to hold your hand throughout the process. 
  6. Include important details in your Will such as guardians for your children and pets, special messages to be carried with your gifts, and unique funeral requests.
  7. Get started today and come back to finish your Will whenever you want.
  8. Create an asset inventory to help your executors.
  9. Feel the bliss of crossing your Will off of your to-do list, all for less time than it would take to drive to a lawyer's office.

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