The traditional options for Will-writing don't cut it anymore. Will-kits are static documents that cannot be updated to reflect your current circumstances or wishes, and may not even be valid as they cannot be updated to reflect changes in the law. Lawyers on the other hand will normally do an okay job, but will charge you every time you want to make even a minor change to your document. Depending on their fees, a fear of the legal bill often stops many people from changing their Will as often as they should.

That's why we wanted to make a system that is fairer and more accessible for everyone, and ensure that every Australian is able to update their Will regularly to reflect changes in personal circumstances and the law. We think you should be rewarded (not penalised) for updating your Will, and wanted to create a platform that made this process as easy as possible. 

With a Safewill subscription, you get the benefit of unlimited updates to your Will, whenever you want during the subscription period (among a host of other benefits). On top of this, our legal advisers regularly review our Wills to ensure that they are kept up to date with the current law. That way no matter what changes - whether it is in your own life or in the Law - you can easily and quickly safeguard what matters most to you. 

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