So you've printed and signed your what? Your Will isn't going to be of much value if it is destroyed or cannot be found/accessed when the time comes, so you need to make sure it is stored somewhere that is both safe and accessible.
In keeping your Will safe, make sure that:

  • It is somewhere that it won't be easily damaged.
  • It is somewhere that it cannot be easily tampered with.

To make sure it is accessible, be sure that: 

  • It is not locked in a safe or place that only you can access.
  • Your family is able to get to the document when they need to.
  • At least one person knows of its location.

Common places to store a Will include in a locked filing cabinet or safe at home (where someone else has access), or with a trusted professional or lawyer. A bank or safety deposit box may not be the best idea unless someone else has access to it and knows your Will is in there. Just make sure someone knows where to find your Will when the time comes!

With Safewill's subscription service, if something does go wrong and the document is lost or destroyed, you can always access your Will through your account. You will need to print it and sign it again, and then make a wiser choice of where you store it!

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