Pet Owners Get It. Our pets are a part of our families and mean the world to us. But while we go to often absurd lengths to protect our pets and ensure they're happy while we're around, not many of us have planned for what will happen to our pets if we were to pass away unexpectedly. In this article we'll explore how you can make sure your pets end up in a loving home, and that their carer has the resources to properly look after them. 

1. Appointing a pet guardian

Did you know that you can appoint a guardian for your pet if you were to pass away? This allows you to direct who will be responsible for the care and nurturing of your pets if you were unable to.  Without a Will, the law in Australia classifies your pet as "chattel", and it will fall to your executor to decide where your pet ends up. To avoid this, and to make sure that your pet ends up in the most caring, loving and supportive environment possible, you need to write a Will and appoint a guardian to look after your pet. You can do this in two minutes with Safewill by listing your pet and nominating a guardian. Your Safewill also provides that if your appointed guardian is no longer able or willing to take care of your pet, your Executor must make an effort to find a "permanent, safe and loving home".

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2.  Setting aside a pet care fund

Pets can be expensive, and can add financial strain on whoever is left to care for them. Because the law doesn't allow you to leave a gift of money to your Pet, Safewill allows you to leave a Pet Care Fund - a sum of money that is to be used for your pet's care and maintenance. Safewill has drafted this clause in such a way that if your nominated guardian cannot take care of your pet, the fund will go to whoever does assume responsibility.

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3. Have the conversation

It's never easy to plan for the future, but the best thing you can do to make sure your pet will be cared for properly is to have a conversation with your nominated pet guardian about how you want them to be looked after. It may be awkward at first, but it will ensure that your guardian is happy and willing to look after your pet if it ever came down to it, and that they had a good idea about your wishes. 

Don't delay this important step any longer. Make your Will today and ensure that no matter what, someone is showering your fur baby with the love and affection that they deserve.

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